I confess that I am neither an artist nor a photographer.
The title of either I have yet to earn.

The limits of my abilities force me to proclaim myself a documentarian.
A documentarian, in the most literal and elementary sense, for I have to date preserved moments in passing that will act as tokens come the day my memories fail me.

I struggle to critically assess my own photographs on account of the fondest of recollections attached to each. This reluctance to counter my own bias is only a testament to my abuse of photography as a means to an end rather than an end in itself (thus far).

It is with a view to ending such sacrilege that I join the Flickr community. As of writing this, I have received no instruction, I own no tripod and I lack the knowledge to edit my photos. I fulfil the criteria of what is broadly constituted to be a “noob”. I endeavour to overcome my aforementioned shortcomings in this field and I humbly request the assistance of anybody that would be willing to help me to attain this goal.

All comments especially criticism will be most graciously received because it is by this means that I may improve. I thank ye in advance my most treasured comrades.


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July 2012
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