The AA attracts the interest of academic visitors from all over the world due to its innovative teaching tradition. As a response to this interest we offer a three-week programme every June, to give teachers of architecture an opportunity to participate in discussions about the teaching and research of the AA, and to develop a comparative debate on aims, strategies and methods of teaching architecture. There will be 12 participants in this year’s programme: Ana Maria Duran Calisto (Ecuador); Andrea Libovich (Argentina); Jae-Sung Chon (Canada); Ali Tavakoli Dinani (Iran); Jordan Geiger (US); Emine Gorgul (Turkey); Elie Harfouche (Lebanon); Mazin Mohammed Abdul Karim (Egypt); Viviane Villas Boas Maglia (Brazil); Frank Moeller (Germany); Anastasia Tzaka (Greece); and Fei Wang (US).

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