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    skuz says:

    "Some of y'all might be reading this trying to find out more about who this Aaron Rogosin guy is, anyways. Well, read no further, just hit the back button once and look through his photos. Aaron lives his life with one eye at the lens, and he really does live his life.
    Like Aaron says about a picture on slide film, that it exists in this world as a tangible object that once stood present before the subject and recorded a moment, keep in mind as you look through Aaron's photos that he also was in front of every subject in every one of his pictures. Yeah, aaron's been in some crazy places, met and photographed an eclectic blend of extrodanairy people, and I'm honored to say that he is my friend, my teacher, my documentarian. If you haven't had the pleasure of kicking it with this amazing person yet, you ought to put on your funkiest outfit, go to the craziest place you can imagine, live like there is no tommorrow, then look up and smile, cause Aaron will be pointing his lens right at you."

    October 16th, 2008

Aaron Rogosin
October 2008
Portland Oregon, United States
I am:
Aaron Rogosin
aaronrogosin [at] gmail.com