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For those interested virtually all of my recent work is available for sale through Getty Images

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  • Niki'n Me II by VisualFlux™
  • Home from the hospital by VisualFlux™
  • CHEESE! by VisualFlux™
  • 15 Years by VisualFlux™
  • =) by VisualFlux™
  • T h i r t y s e v e n by VisualFlux™
  • Firsts by VisualFlux™
  • My First Car by VisualFlux™
  • o o by VisualFlux™
  • Niki'n Me by VisualFlux™
  • M a l i c E by VisualFlux™
  • Ascension by VisualFlux™

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    smallRaffaela (on/off) says:

    "Crady sta a Flickr quanto l'Haute Couture sta alla moda.
    Le sue foto sono prima classe, si riconosce subito la mano di un professionista; ma Crady è anche un uomo gentile, umorista, pieno di garbo e per nulla un divo.

    Se siete tra i suoi amici siete fortunati!


    Crady is to Flickr as Haute Couture is to Fashion. His pics are first class, you immediately reckon the experts touch; but most of all Crady is a kind man, full of humor and charming. Not a "diva" at all.

    If he counts you among his friends you're lucky!"

    April 9th, 2009

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    kakhabad says:

    "Crady is an amazing photographer and artist. His work is always beautiful, creative and unique. He has a sense of beauty and artistic skills. He is also my wonderful friend and good adviser. I'm so glad to see him on flickr. You're a great artist, my friend!!"

    January 25th, 2009

  • view profile says:

    "Stop here and have a break at VisualFlux´s stream - enjoy these unique artworks of an inspiring artist with very excellent skills!


    VisualFlux has also an amazing great sense of humor, his comments always make me smiling!

    Keep your spirit and thanks for being how you are!"

    December 13th, 2008

Crady von Pawlak
October 2008