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    Mary Vican says:

    "I own a piece by Cassia that I absolutely adore- it brings me to the shore any time of year. But Cassia's style is not the typical vintage or coastal photography! Her imagination, processing and simple but stunning compositions bring to life a memory, a childhood, a simple way of living.
    It's really amazing to follow her and her work, and she always inspires me."

    17th September, 2010

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    shannonblue says:

    "Oh the colors! That's what first drew me in to Cassia's stream. Colors like candy. And the nostalgia. Cassia seems to find the most wonderful subjects for her photographs and turn them into something truly special so that they seem to come from a different era. And the shoes! She has the best shoes. :) I'm happy to be inspired by her."

    17th March, 2010

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    preetalina ° Preeti Desai says:

    "I always love seeing what new work Cassia has come up with. Her photos all have this nostalgic quality to them, reminding me of my childhood (I lived in a beach town for a couple of years when I was younger). And I always love her diptychs and seeing the world from her point of view!"

    17th March, 2010

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    Candy Pop says:

    "Cassia's photography is effortlessly stunning. Her images are calm, understated and compellingly beautiful. When looking at them I feel relaxed and at peace. There really isn't much more I could say. The photographs really do speak for themselves."

    10th January, 2010

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    simply hue says:

    "Cassia is a huge inspiration to me! Her photos make me smile. They are so cheerful and pleasant and she has such a talent for capturing simple beauty. Thanks, Cassia."

    8th January, 2010

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    ✈m says:

    "cassia's photos have such a specific style and show her fine tuned artistic eyes. she's got a mood all her own in every single one of her photos. she really does embrace simplicity while making it beautiful. i adore her work as a photographer and she can only go up from here. beautiful photostream."

    9th August, 2009

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    r.caprice says:

    "I am seriously in love with Cassia's photos, they are quite appealing. The tones and colors make me nostalgic :)"

    6th August, 2009

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    bawtrees says:

    "I have recently become a fan of _cassia_'s photography and am constantly inspired by her eye for that capture of the everyday object, that most of us would walk by without noticing. She has an uncanny ability to make the extraordinary out of the ordinary. I hope that she has an exhibition of her work in the near future. I, for sure, will be there."

    10th May, 2009

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    clive_reedman says:

    "I have been droppingin and out of Cassia's Photostream for a while and it always amuses and inspires me. And she always seems to have nice comments to make on other people's work. Too cute for words."

    25th February, 2009

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    antikewl says:

    "Cassie has a fantastic attention to detail and finds cool things in the most mundane and obscure places. She's also cute as a button."

    28th October, 2006

Cassia Beck
March 2005
Brighton, UK
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