Chernobyl Heart has been set up by Nige Burton and Jamie Salisbury-Jones, who first visited the Chernobyl exclusion zone and the abandoned town of Pripyat in north-west Ukraine in late summer, 2008. We learned an awful lot about the lethal effects of the world's worst nuclear disaster, and how it still affects so many desperately ill children in the region today.


We're a charitable organisation set up from the UK to raise funds to help save and improve the lives of these Belarusian and Ukrainian children, many of whom are suffering and dying needlessly.


Our Gomel Weenies need all the help they can get - Dr Oleg and his team at the Gomel Children's Hospital in south-east Belarus do a fantastic job, but they are desperately short of funds.


Here is a record of our recent visit to the hospital. For more information, you can visit our website at:


Chernobyl Heart

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