My name is Vincent DeAndrea, I was born in 'SLiberty, here in Pittsburgh, but moved to Monroeville at 6. Most of my life has been spent here. It's part of who I am.
I moved to Seattle after graduating from Pitt. That is where I began dabbling in Jewelry Making. I watched other Artists, and wanted to be a part of what they were doing.
I started working with whatever was available-beads and base metal jewelry pins, being VERY inspired by them. My style was very blah, straight forward and much less expressive. BUT, I knew I was onto something.
One day after returning Home, my Niece crawled up onto my lap and asked me to make her some Jewelry. She did not care what, just something from Uncle Vincent. 6 years later, many Designs are still inspired by that little 5 year old…Yet I have grown.
My style has become very lush and romantic, with a sexy edge to it. I work with Pure Silver wire, Gemstones and Pearls. My most popular designs being my asymmetric Necklaces. While I specialize in Necklaces and Rings, I do have Earrings and Bracelets to complete YOU.
I do Custom Pieces for Weddings, Proms, or any Special Occasion. When people wear a Custom Piece, or any, of my Jewelry they feel like the most Beautiful Intelligent Sexy parts of themselves are revealed.
It's all about YOUR Personal Style.
I do not follow trends in Fashion.
I work to bring out Your Style.
You can't find that in a department store or chain store.
That's why I do what I do.
AND I love it.

I am a self taught Jewelry artist that works with Silver Wire, Gemstones, and Pearls. I strive to create pieces that bring out One’s own Personal Style. I do not Design according to what the Fashion Mavens say we should be seen in; I Design what I dream. I Dream of Strong Confident Individuals Rocking Their Style.

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Vincent DeAndrea
June 2013
Pittsburgh PA
Pittsburgh PA, USA
I am:
Male and Taken
Jewelry Designer