I'm sick. I only like craptastic toy cameras. I blame my mema for that, she gave me a disc camera when I was very young.

When I couldn't find film for that anymore, I bought my neighbor's instamatic-15 at their garage sale. When I couldn't find film for that anymore, I got an "action sampler" camera-has four shutters, takes four pics on the same frame a few seconds apart to show "action." What a piece of crap-I never want to hear complaints on leakage after that one..Didn't waste more than one roll of film before I lost it~ I used my dad's old canon T50 for awhile, but suffered the same perils he had (can never tell when film is loaded). So I got a polaroid joycam, and then a camera phone..that I can print onto joycam film. And I'm now i've acquired a holga, and was given a polaroid packfilm camera. Sick, sick girl.

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    the-O-ster says:

    "cracklow is the most amazing photographer on this arm of the milky way. do not underestimate..."

    May 11th, 2005

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