Have written two novels, Martha's Vine and Martha's Mirror, both set in a dystopian world in Alberta, Canada. If you like Hunger Games, you will love Martha's world.

EBook edition on Amazon.com. Find it HERE.

And print edition of Martha's Vine is HERE.

Don't be shy; buy a copy... or just visit... read the reviews, and click, "YES," when asked if the review was helpful.

Have built a publishing house...but the learning curves are steep, and unmerciful.

Creeping Ivy Publishing House

For more information on my novel: Martha's Vine

Photographer, travel writer and bloggist (the term, "blogger" just sounded too crude), digital camera teacher, and (best of all), adventurer. I can hardly wait to see around the next corner.

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I love photography so much, that I experience acute grief if I miss a shot. Like when traveling down the road in a car, with someone else driving, who just doesn't get it - that the car MUST be stopped. Or I shall die!


I thank the Lord with every waking breath that He so blessed us with His magnificent creation. My heart sings with delight at His paintings. And, I am so thankful that He gave some of us the ability to invent that wonderful device known as a camera. (My first was an old Brownie "box" camera that I found in a dump - I thought I had found heaven.)


***** Certified Winner of 5+ Awards *****
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Official member -The Cube Excellency Gallery




Wishing you all safe and happy travels,

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    max tuta noronha says:

    I think that her parents misspelled her name.
    They wanted to say "Cheri", as in "mon Cheri"...
    Just like me, they probably could not write in English very well, you do know, foreigners, they have a hard time writing.

    Well, not Sherry, She can write very well, she can take photographs very well and she can be your most loyal and truthfull friend.
    I had the imense pleasure of metting her (and her husband) and to be now her real friend is a great honor to me.

    I can see her passion about her life, her photos, shades and shadows, her friends and her books.
    It was just great to meet another kind person from Flickr and share with her the same opinion.
    (There are so many great people with the same likes on Flickr, and we get from time to time, to meet lot's of them).

    For that, I thank you, thank you for sharing your passions with us, and also your time, and for the great day that we were able to spend together.
    I hope that many other days will follow.
    Thank you Cheri.



    February 24th, 2012

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    Harvey Brink - Canadian Visuals says:

    "Sheree was an early friend after I joined Flickr. When looking over daily photos from friends, Hadassah28's images always catch my eye for their creativity. An additional treasure is provided by Sheree's inspirational commentaries. When I was away from Flicker for a few months due to work, an e-mail from Sheree showed up asking if everything was OK - your friendship is a treasure to me. Harvey"

    May 25th, 2010

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    Images by Lynne says:

    "What can I say about Sheree that has not already been said? She has heart, real heart, not just the words to entice, but the action to back it. She loves to teach, share, and guide. She is a photographer, a good one. She puts words and photos together to tell a story that can reach deep inside and reveal a truth. Her photography speaks volumes about life. To summarize, she is everything that one would want in a friend, in a co-worker, a Mom, a sister, a daughter."

    July 10th, 2009

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    absent wealth says:

    "It is only a short time in the grand scheme of things that I have know Sheree – But since our paths crossed I feel like I have been “blessed”.

    Sheree is truly a talented individual and a great artist; who has a great eye for a picture!
    Her pictures are always creative, sometimes different and always well presented!
    There is also great sentiment & emotion in all she creates.

    Such unique kindness, generosity & friendship!
    Best wishes Sheree.


    July 7th, 2009

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    William Charles Cross says:

    "Sheree is one of those lovely encounters that Flickr provides--a talented artist, outgoing communicator, and a group Admin who loves the role of showcasing the art of others. I'm proud to have her as a "Flickr Friend.""

    May 24th, 2009

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    ♥ஐTaRa♥ஐ says:

    "You amaze me! I love your work, i aspire to be as talented as you.Such creativity and imagination within your work.Thank you for your comments on my work, it means so much more when it comes from an artist like yourself.Your a wonderful friend and i am truly blessed to have a friend in you :)))"

    May 5th, 2009

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    knowledgeable humor says:

    "Shereeeeeeeee..Don't you just love how her name rolls off thy tongue? I know I do...anyhoo..

    What can I say..wow. What a wonderful Artistic Talent to grace flickrland. Always polite, always has a wonderful word to put in play...a bit shy at times with myself, but she will get over that in no time lol..

    Please visit this wonderful ladies stream and take the time to marvel at her wonderous works of pure Art. You won't be disappointed. If you are, you seriously need a kick in the A............ Yeah. You do.


    May 15th, 2009

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    Michael Brooking Photography says:

    "What first caught my eye on Sheree was her moving photos. And then I looked at her name "Hadassah". I knew it had to be from a character in a series of christian books called " The Mark of The Lion Series". I wrote Sheree and asked her if that were the case. She said it was, and I knew I found a friend in Christ. Hadassah was a remarkable woman in her faith as is Sheree..............I Love God and the way he puts people in my life........Thank you Sheree for your friendship..........May God Bless You.......... Michael Brooking"

    November 20th, 2008

Sheree Zielke
February 2007
Edmonton, Canada
I am:
Female and Taken
Novelist/Travel writer/digital camera teacher
Sheree Zielke