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Hello I am your new friend on Flickr, Marcus. I am an Operattist. Meaning I am a voice instructor who creates "total art" meaning I create new music compositions which are often inspired by sketches and stories. I love artwork. It always inspires music and helps me to organize my musical ideas.

My big project right now is CHROMATICUS which there are currently three popular relaxation music CD's which are the music that the central character (Chromaticus) makes throughout his life in the huge 3 part saga.

Album One:
Album Two:
Album Three:

I got re-attached to art because of the new internet video revolution (youtube etc.) and wanted to make some music videos which you can see here:

(If you have a youtube account I would love it if you could subscribe to our account. I say "our" account because I will probably be helping some of my voice students launch a bit of a supplemental income career through the Chromaticus series and other music/new media ventures which I'm sure will include YouTube somewhere in their presentation.)

...I plan to place alot of conceptual art here on Flickr which will help me flesh out this immense project which I am currently visualizing as all of the following combined; 1.New Media Video Opera Series / 2. Experience opp for my voice students. / 3. The telling a great and new type of positive story /4. Creation of video backgrounds for the live shows / 5. Display of sheet music... Okay I have to pause there. I could go on and on and on.

If you have any questions just send them my way. I invite you to visit my main web site and follow me on Twitter.

I look forward to seeing your images on Flickr!

All the best,

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February 2006
San Francisco
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