Locally owned solutions to un-met needs in the most vulnerable communities around the world.
Channel Initiative is a start up organization with a mission to respond to desperate and unaddressed needs in vulnerable communities around the world. We believe that these responses must be locally owned, so we focus on providing support to local partners, channeling resources and building upon their already-existing strengths so they can achieve amazing results in their own countries.

Build Hope or Kujenga Tumaini in Swahili, is our pilot project together with Panzi Foundation DRC, to respond to the dire need for a primary health-care center in the village of Kilungutwe, DR Congo.

Women in Kilungutwe die wantonly without being able to access health-care, during obstetric emergencies or after being raped. Diseases that the Western world has already conquered, like cholera and malaria, spread like wildfire, without being swiftly treated and controlled.

Our vision for this health center is to scale the amazing work of Panzi Hospital into this community in accordance with their one-stop approach to care. Panzi has taken great strides to ensure that women are able to access holistic care at their facility and are now looking at how they can replicate their vision throughout the DRC, especially in villages like Kilungutwe.

Health-care is just the beginning. We expect radical outcomes in this community and neighboring villages.

Radical outcomes like: women will not have to risk their safety and walk for miles for a safe-birth facility. Children can live to see their fifth birthdays. Men can learn economic skills. Women can understand more about sex and their rights. HIV may not have to be a death sentence! Malaria can be fought back into submission! A strong workforce, not plagued by preventable illnesses and challenges.

And the most radical outcome of all: a strong community...the foundation for a strong country.

Contact outreach@channelinitiative.com for more information on operations, volunteer opportunities and investments.

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June 2013
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