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For me photography's first about framing. I'm certainly aware of color, exposure, depth of field, and focus, and I definitely give them thought, but what I see, and try to capture, is objects and context.


I've been taking pictures for most of my life; there've been times when I've taken lots of pictures. And I've often owned very good equipment. Nonetheless, photography's my hobby, and I don't claim any special talent.


My LibraryThing profile's probably my best online bio. And I've an account on SmugMug, if you want to see my photography in a different context.


General technical notes: I often crop my photographs. All my other habits change over time; if you look you'll find I tend to adopt a processing practice for a year or two before migrating to something else. These days I'm processing photos mainly using DxO PhotoLab (nee Optics Pro) and Affinity Photo, but many of the pix in the stream were originally processed using either Bibble Pro (now called Corel AfterShot Pro) or Adobe's Photoshop Elements.


I occasionally experiment with these tools--those experiments may or may not get described in my captions. (Some, but not all, of this shows in the EXIF data, which is always worth looking at if you want to know how someone took a picture.)


Compare this photo with its original for a fairly typical treatment.


I'm slowly mastering an Olympus OM-D E-M1 II these days. I was a Nikon shooter for a couple decades, more from lens lock-in than a real preference; when a couple lenses failed in 2017 I bought my Olympus outfit. Prior to that I was shooting a Nikon D500, which was an upgrade from the D300 I'd used for years. I've also taken many photographs with a Nikon 1 V2, which I still often carry. (I usually have a Canon PowerShot G9 X II in my pocket, too.) There's a Minolta SR-T 101 in my closet, a Chinon Genesis III in my history, and I've worn out a slew of pocket cams over the decades.


I've also got my father's photo collection. I scan and post those from time to time, too.


Thanks for looking. Hope you enjoy.




I've a second Flickr account, which is reserved for baseball pix. There's some overlap with this site, but it's only a slight overlap.

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I truly enjoy Joel's great photographs of Michigan and life across the Midwest. He has a great eye and his photos are a true treat.

July 16, 2017
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Jowo's photos of the Upper Peninsula make me miss Michigan so much. Living down in Wichita, Ks and seeing these photos brings great memories of back home.

September 29, 2006

Jowo captures peices of history (mostly in Michigan) for generations to come. Whether posting current images or from his archives, I enjoy exploring every image.

January 3, 2006