I am a married (wife does not know) crossdresser 60 years old never done anything with another crossdresser but would love to.
Started when my grandmother dressed me in her nighties when I used to stay with her I can still feel the brushed nylon against my cock. I used to sleep in her bed at night she would let me wash her breasts and back in the mornings, I am unable to remember all of what happened but I know I enjoyed it and it started me on a life long passion for lingerie.
All things frilly and frothy lots of lace and layers wedding dresses an absolute desire.
When I am dressed in anything feminine I feel like I could do anything the only thing missing is somebody to do it with.
I am not in the least bit convincing dressed I would never pass in public, but in private I am fine.
Would love to meet other “virgin” for fun or chat or anything else that crops up.
i live in Bedfordshire UK
03/04/11 i had a dream last night that i was dressed as a bride with all the trimmings and that i was being made love to be another tv bride it was a great dream one that i would love to emulate but i dont seem to be able to make contact with anybody, i am just about to order some ne lingerie as i had to ditch my last collection getting too big and running out of places to hide it. so i would dearly love to get together and show it off.
one of the most feminin things i do is to wear a sanitary towel as much as possible, Dr. Whites and Tenna are the best,

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