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I'm a sportswriter who lives in suburban Detroit and takes pictures as a hobby. I take a lot of pictures at sporting events, but I rarely try to take traditional action shots - there's usually some twist to the picture.


I usually have my camera with me at every game I cover, plus anywhere else I go. The one time I didn't bring it to a Pistons game? The Ron Artest riot. He was in the crowd about 10 feet from me. Of course, my laptop got wrecked in the melee, so I suspect it was better that I didn't have the camera.


I got started taking pictures when my parents gave me a digital camera for Christmas 2003, and then I upgraded to my Powershot 2SIS in the fall of 2005. It was the last present I got from my Dad, who passed away a few weeks later without ever seeing any of the pictures it took.


I don't have a photographic style - I tend to take pictures of anything that catches my eye. I've done a few projects with posed models, but I'm a poor freelancer who doesn't have access to lighting equipment, so I'm limited. My EarthBall project has been a lot of fun in the early stages, though.


My stuff has impressed enough of my friends that I'm starting to requests to do things like holiday-card photos and birthday parties. Oh, and I have sold one picture - a seagull shot from Belle Isle to a resort in Florida that was rebuilding after one of the 2004 hurricanes.


I'm hoping to meet some of the incredible photographers who post here from the SE Michigan area. I feel like I've learned a lot just looking at their stuff, even without talking to them.

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