Steve to Earth ... come in, Earth.

Hi! I'm Steve.

Thank you for checking out my pictures and my profile.

I love digital photography. With work, family and home responsibilities, I don't have much time available, but I take photos every opportunity I get.

Due to time constraints, I maintain a small Contacts list consisting of personal friends and a few Flickr folks whose photos consistently catch my eye and make me think, "I'd like to take pictures like that!"


If one of your photos winds up in my Favorites section, here's the criteria I used to select it:

> The subject is well-defined and easily-identified
> The subject's best qualities are accurately and powerfully showcased
> Clean background with no distracting elements
> Clearly-focused, well-composed shot with a complimentary depth of field
> Unique angle and composition
> It made me want to "be there"

> Or, you could have just done something really cool that I've never thought of before

Of course, sometimes I throw out the whole criteria list and Fave a photo simply because it makes my heart happy. After all, to me, that's what a favorite's all about.

As my schedule allows, I hope to Comment on each Favorite that I select, but so far that little goal has eluded me.


I use a Nikon D80.


That's pretty much it. Thanks for including me in your busy day.

I'm really impressed that you're still reading at this point. Go take some great pictures!


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July 2007
Steve to Earth