Hi, my name is Magda,
I'm a passionate professional photographer, for obvious reasons I do not upload any of my commissioned work.
This on here is my fun, my freedom.
I am a Belgian, born in Flanders, in Bruges, who happily lives in the UK with my husband, fellow photographer Paul Indigo.
Photography is a way of life for me.
I am a versatile photographer who does not fit into just one little box.
We all have our preferences but if you are a good photographer who knows what he's doing... you can do EVERYTHING?
It is ALL about light, creativity, beauty and EMOTION, not only technical prowess, a 'perfect' image without creativity or emotion is just a 'picture'?

I passionately hate the idea of being with it, I think an artist has always to be out of step with his time.
- Orson Welles

We have a website:
Thank you, Magda (*_*)
This is my highest accolade.
It doesn't just mean that the image is technically perfect, but that it releases or touches a deep emotion. It is a very personal thing, when I feel an image deserves more than fave, it is an image that I would hang on 'my' wall and I DON'T hand them out lightly, only after careful consideration... www.flickr.com/groups/indigoaward/


Christmas Stories by Magda Indigo | Make Your Own Book

photo by Magda Indigo

elena Harris www.flickr.com/photos/flower_chick/ WAS yet another PHOTO THIEF @ work! She was booted off Flickr!
How sad, do people really not know what COPYRIGHT means, in SIMPLE words... IF IT IS NOT YOUR IMAGE, THEN, YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO IT!!!
It is an INFRINGEMENT of the LAW!
If you love an image SOOOOO MUCH that you'd like to 'use' it, you have the duty and obligation to ask the creative brain behind the image AND HAVE THE COURTESY and DECENCY then to credit the artist, like you would with a painting or sculpture!
From now on I am going to publicly NAME AND SHAME THEM.
THIS TIME NONE OF MY IMAGES WERE INVOLVED, however that doesn't matter, I WANT IT TO STOP, if you see a thief breaking into your neighbours you are not going to stand by and do nothing, are you?
Each time we name and shame AND GET RID of one of the people who steal images from us, it is a small VICTORY!
Eventually, I hope the thieves will get the message that to use a photographer's photo and PASS IT AS YOUR OWN, is a punishable crime!
When you sign onto ANY site, like Flickr, you have to AGREE to their terms and conditions, which include; the image you upload has to be YOURS!!!

Definition of PIRATE: a person who uses or reproduces the work or invention of another without authorisation.

Prevent it from happening to YOU!

TO THE ADMINS: this image, just send it out to as many groups as possible, I will not give the required AWARDS/COMMENTS, if you don't mind, it is for JUSTICE!
I THINK IF WE MAKE A BIG FUSS ABOUT IT EACH TIME, IT MIGHT EVENTUALLY Get THROUGH TO SOME... When the problem is resolved, just delete my image above.
THANX, M, (*_*)

Please do not use this image on websites, blogs or any other media without my explicit permission. © All rights reserved

View my photos at bighugelabs.com

----///--\\\----put this
---|||----|||---on your
---|||-- -|||---profile if
---|||-- -|||---you know
-----\\\///-----who is living with, survived
------///\-----or has passed away from
----///--\\\---Thank you

MY CAMERAS now are:
Hasselblads, Nikon coolpix p1, Nikon D200, Nikon F4, Nikon D70, Nikon D90, Nikon D7000, Horseman (technical) camera, Nikon D7200

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  • I stand in STUNNED SILENCE for JAPAN, while my heart gently weeps! by magda indigo
  • a morning song... by @petra
  • *grace* by Sigi K ॐ

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    Papafrezzo, 2007-2016 by www.papafrezzo.com says:

    "I have been following the work of Magda for more than a year by now, and I am always amazed how creative she is. It clearly shows how much fun she has as a professional photographer. I remember some of her work quite a while ago, where she made calameres dance the french can-can... You really could image them dancing. Superb, especially the light.
    I also admire her portrait work that is inspiring to me. Perhaps partly because that is a type of photography I certainly have still a lot to learn.
    En, Magda, natuurlijk is het ook erg aangenaam om een landgenoot te ontmoeten die in het buitenland woont. Misschien dat we elkaar in augustus in "mijn stad" ontmoeten.

    May 9th, 2009

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    Bea Kotecka *Come back :) * says:

    "Oh my dear Magda ...
    I love your whole works and brillant- full of humor and wise reflexion comments ...As professional photographer you are great- because you always respect us : amateur and our sometimes total crazy and under critic ;-) pics ....really incredible
    Thank you for your friendship
    You are really independent photographer and amazing, full of life and modest personality......*-*
    Beata Kotecka"

    December 6th, 2007

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    Antarius says:

    "Une des plus grandes amoureuses de la photo. Tout est fait avec minutie, le moindre petit détail est mis en évidence . En regardant ses photos je parts aux pays des gens heureux. Etant plus porté par l'abstrait j'ai repris le gout de la photo académique (bien que je n'aime pas trop ce mot) Magda m'aide par sa maitrise et je lui dois un grand merci pour son aide.
    Brugges, Knesselare sont deux patelins proches qui sont les lieux d'implantation de mes ancêtres.

    Un GRAND merci Magda.


    November 7th, 2007

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    Prof. Tournesol says:

    "I have never seen an image created by Magda that I did not like! Everything that she puts into pictures gets this unique aura that makes her work so special. Her attention to detail is phenomenal, her expertise with lighting is masterful, and her sense of composition is exquisite. And she knows how to transmit emotions through her work.

    The end result is photography "par excellence" that I never tire to look at.

    Thank you Magda for being there!"

    October 25th, 2007

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    Ms. Abitibi says:

    "Magda is simply a master of light as she can make it sing for her. She also has a talent for adding a lot of emotions in her pictures; her portraits are always very touching. She also has a fun side that you can see come through in a number of her pictures. She has been very supportive of my journey in becoming a better photographer. Thanks Magda...you are a true friend even if it is only through our exchanges on various photo sites."

    October 20th, 2007

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    tropicalrips says:

    "THE master of light...MY master of light :)
    thanks for the inspirations M :)


    July 17th, 2007

magda indigo
July 2007
Brugge Belgium
I am:
Female and Taken