I'm retired and I live in eastern San Diego county. I love to take pictures of anything that has interesting light, color, shapes, contrast or just looks "cool". I like to take pictures of things that catch my eye. To me, photography is a way to have a visual diary.

My father was an amateur photographer and strongly influenced my interest in photography. We used to process black and white film and enlarge our pictures in a dark room.

About seventeen years ago I retired and got back into photography again and started taking photography and art classes in an attempt to learn to see and then present what I saw. I still take classes. as I feel that learning is a life long process.

Digital photography is the greatest tool that I've seen. It's basically free (after you buy the camera and computer) and you get immediate feedback about your exposure.

I love Flickr. I've seen pictures from, and been inspired by so many wonderful photographers. I've also been encouraged by positive feedback from these really good people. I try to respond to any comment I receive.

I've been interested in learning how to do off camera flash since a workshop I attended in 2011. Since that time I've accumulated the following equipment:
2 - Nikon SB600 strobes
1 - Nikon SB700 strobes
2 - Strobie 130 strobes from Scottrobertstudio.com
6 - Yongnuo strobes
3 - Tiny Triggers and 1 Transmitter from scottrobertstudio.com
5 - Yongnuo RF-603N transmitter/receiver triggers
2 - 24" softboxes from Cowboy Studios
1 - Gary Fong diffuser
1 - Honl snoot
2 - 1 Rogue 3-in-1 Grid
3 - lightweight Flashpoint light stands
2 - heavy duty PhotoBrightLighting stands
2 - stands and one crossbar for hanging backdrops
1 - 8.6 inch Lastolite EZBox (softbox)

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    anastella.me says:

    "Beautiful images."

    February 6th, 2018

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    rakruger says:

    "Hi Bill:
    I, too, am retired, but I haven't climbed the heights of photography that you have. Perhaps if I'm granted a few more years on this mortal coil I will learn some of what you have. In the meantime I plan to steal from your tutorials on lighting unabashedly. We all have cameras, but it's the light; it's the light. Thanks for lighting my journey.

    Bob Kruger

    PS Have you experimented with "light sculpting" a la Harrold Ross?"

    February 9th, 2018

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    GAURAV SRIVASTAVA a.k.a. gauravkun says:

    "Hi Bill,

    I just saw that you take pictures other than IR too. Frankly speaking I recognize you with your amazing Infra Red photography. Each and every photograph is simply amazing. The kind of effort you put in is clearly visible in your photographs. You are an inspiration.

    Keep clicking

    November 5th, 2010

Bill Gracey
June 2007
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