An elderly amateur photographer. Environmentally concerned and historically aware (well, put the years in, didn't I? even if a bit late by most people's standards), preferably vegan, English. Lived many, many places, the final 19 with the most wonderful man in the world; had many, many jobs/occupations. Washed up here, in Arizona, in mid-2010; moved to Tucson in mid 2016, where my wonderful husband died in December. We both loved the natural environment, not the human-created one; liked the heat, most of the time; don't like the politics.

Wish to ask anyone who bothers to check out the photos that if they notice mistaken identifications (plants in particular) PLEASE leave a comment to the effect!

My photographic interests focus on the non-cultivated, the small not to say miniature of the wilder life forms. Not interested in people or landscape or architecture photography. Not interested in cultivars - pretty yes, but to my peculiar mind, sterile.

And usually the cultivars are aliens, exotics - that is out of place and so ought to be seen as the true weeds in any environment - a further reason for ignoring them as best I can (though not with complete success as the stream shows).

Can't drive so am generally limited to where I can walk. But life in the microcosm can serve to highlight the macro... It does help to explain (I hope) the repetitive subject matter, however. Every year - so far - the Creek (my main field of endeavour) has shown different faces. The changing soils carried by the occasional storm waters; the changing rainfall, both its timing and volume; the changing temperature and so on, affect (or seem to) what grows and what doesn't, in what abundance or not and with what fecundity.

I'm not bothered if you don't Fave or Comment - just have a look, do. That's enough for anyone, surely? Should have written this before, mind.

Without Stu there would have been no cameras and lenses, no photographs. He was my premier viewer; the images taken to share with him first and foremost.

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