Mihran Kalaydjian: Photography can be taken literally and not so literally. Literally speaking, photography is a document, now used more often to state, "I am here," "I exist," "Be apart of my life," "know who I am." And if you don't know how to take a picture, it's considered unusual. Not so literally speaking, photography is a magical box, which captures light and you can do whatever you please with your captured light.


When I hold my camera to my face and look through the glass to see my subject gazing back at me, the world around me goes silent, and from the moment I start my set of images, to the moment I've finished editing them, I feel free. I've created something. I've grown as an artist. And that is my accomplishment.


Mihran Kalaydjian has helped corporations, destinations, entrepreneurs and start-ups navigate the cluttered media landscape to connect directly with consumers. Her comprehensive knowledge of a variety of client industries (tourism, tech, food & beverage, entertainment) and the tactics and disciplines required to have a voice in the brand marketplace have made her a standout resource for The Puerto Rico Tourism Company, Birds Eye Foods, Barilla, Starbucks, Kraft, Jazz at Lincoln Center, California Travel & Tourism Commission and others.


You’re in marketing for one reason: Grow. Grow your company, reputation, customers, impact, profits. Grow yourself. This is a community that will help. It will stretch your mind, connect you to fascinating people, and provide some fun along the way. I am so glad you’re here.


Mihran is passionate about cooking, an avid runner and yoga enthusiast with a fondness for all things media. When he’s not participating in a race, experimenting in his kitchen, reading stacks of magazines or binge watching the latest Netflix series, he is most likely to be traveling and exploring places near and far.


Every moment, big or small, in infinitely precious and deserves to be captured.

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