We're not just a wheel company, we're passionate individuals brought together by the pursuit of excellence. It's a hard thing to grasp and an even harder thing to accomplish. We are driven by it, not because we want to sell more wheels (we'll be honest though, we do want to sell more wheels,) but because when we strap on our helmets and put power to the earth, the only limiting factor should be our own mind, never our equipment.

Photos of Industry Nine (5)

  • Rear Hub Between DIY Adapters by 29in.CH
  • Front Hub Between DIY Adapters by 29in.CH
  • Rear Hub's Turn by 29in.CH
  • Parts Done by 29in.CH
  • Disc Side Bearing Installation by 29in.CH

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  • Infinity by noberson
  • ORBCOMM by Official SpaceX Photos
  • www.alanschaller.com by Alan Schaller
  • 70mm (DX) x 13 – Freehand by mt.sign

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