Hello Flickr friends and followers,


I am a resident of Second Life. I like to explore and take pictures from beautiful places of this virtual world.

Thumbs up for the creators,designers and founders.


If you like their places, pls give a little donation to keep those beautiful sims alive.


I am not a pro with taken pictures or editing those pictures.

I just take the best shot that I get and try to edit it, the best way that I can.

I like to experiment and being creative with colors and textures and sometimes I need a little imagination to give the picture something extra.


I keep it very simple and what I do here is just for fun,not to compete with anybody!


Thank you to the people who are very generous to share their textures for free with us.


I hope you like what you see, in my photostream.


Kind regards,



Thχ тσ αℓℓ му deαr ⒻⓇⒾⒺⓃⒹⓈ

max </p><p>romero

Mαх Яoмero


Award code made by my dear sweet friend Antartica Slade (AyE)


★ Thaηk you all vєry much for the Favє ★

max </p><p>romero

It's αlwαys vєry apprєciatє∂ ☆


Award code made by my dear sweet friend Antartica Slade (AyE)

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