I have been shooting seriously since early 2000 & specialize in the documentation of nightlife, the performing arts, street life, & the urban landscape using available light.


You usually won't find captions on my photos because they are mainly for display on my photoblog (click on the "My Life As A Contact Sheet" link below). My stream is minimally edited, so the collections & sets/albums are mostly just chronological (by month & week, respectively). The best way to navigate it is to visit my non-chronological collections, search my tags, or go to the "Archives" link & browse by date.


If you're not a camera nerd like me, you can skip over this paragraph: I shoot mostly black & white 35mm (yes, kids, I still use "film"), but also dabble in color, medium format, & 1/2-frame 35mm, so my primary digital "cameras" are a Minolta Dimage Scan Multi Pro & a Nikon Super Coolscan 5000. I have a couple digital bodies, but use them mostly for assignment & high ISO color work. I like to use & collect old & old-fashioned rangefinders (& the occasional vintage SLR & TLR), so most of my gear is from the 1930s-1960s & even the newer stuff works in the same way. I tag every shot here w/equipment & film info; if you're really curious I can usually give you the exposure data, too.


Facebook profile: www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=684459713


Instagram: instagram.com/furcafe


Twitter: twitter.com/furcafe


If you would like to purchase a subscription to my prints, please go to Project Dispatch: www.projectdispatch.biz/Chris-Chen.html

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I'm inspired by the fact that every time I see Chris he has a camera with him and usually it's more than one, and all of them will be older than me... With an exceptional eye for the moment, his captures always tell a story.

August 26, 2007
Mr.Joel says:

Fur Cafe is the man.

May 29, 2007