Technical Emotions


Services & Consulting in Architecture, Design and Engineering.


Founded in 2010 Technical Emotions is a creative and technical laboratory.

We are Architects, Designers and Engineers.

Our involvement covers all design aspects from architecture, engineer equipment and interiors to furniture, accessories and graphic design.

In our work, we integrate all the disciplines to obtain the best outcome of any project, facing and questioning every new challenge from various points of view; aesthetic, functional and technical, breaking old barriers to enable a holistic approach to every new project.

We work closely with our clients, this collaboration is the key of a successful project, starting from the presentation of the ideas and enjoying the journey that will take us to the final result.

Our identity "Technical Emotions" contains our Philosophy.

Our work fundamentally integrates technique with emotions; our principal search is not the shape, the image, the space, or a technological item, but how aware we are of what kind of emotions and feelings this object, this building, this technology awake on us. Our language is the language of art which provides a platform for true emotions to be expressed.

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