I changed my Nickname "Hobby-Photograph" to "Andy von der Wurm". This name consists of my real first name and the adding "von der Wurm" as the little river through our town has been named.

Ich habe meinen Nicknamen "Hobby-Photograph" nach "Andy von der Wurm" umbenannt. Dieser Nickname enthält meinen richtigen Vornamen und als örtlichen Bezug den Namen des kleinen Flüßchens Wurm welches durch unsere Stadt fließt....

With the following link my pictures will show instantly on black, it is just a quick overview, to see a pic larger you need to click on it:


I love to take photographs of all kinds.

The purpose I am taking part in flickr is that I want to show the places I go to and the little part of the world I live in to everybody else in the rest of the world, who does not have the chance to see these places.
Some of my pictures are Geo-tagged.

If you happen to find or see yourself on my photostream and you would like to have a copy of this photo, please contact me via flickr. mail.
If you happen to find or see yourself on my photostream and you do not want to have it shown here and you want me to remove it, please contact me via flickr mail also.

If you are interested in one of my photos for non-commercial use, please contact me via flickr email.

If you are interested in one of my photos for commercial use, please contact me via flickr email, also..

email: herrenpilz@yahoo.com

Just for your info: I do not have the intention to use my photos for commercial reasons. This Photostream has been done only for private reasons and to share these Photos with you. Nevertheless, if you want to have one of the photos, ask me, and I will sent it to you for your own private use. If you want to publish the photo you need my permission and pending on the photo, I will have to get the permission of for example the Zoo, Park and/or person first, before allowing you to publish it.

Ich verfolge keinerlei kommerzielle Absichten mit meinem Photostream. Die hier hochgeladenen Photos sind ausschliesslich für den privaten Gebrauch.
Falls Du eines der Photos für Deine privaten Zwecke haben möchtest, so frage mich erst, denn dann sende ich Dir das Original.
Wenn Du eines meiner Fotos veröffentlichen möchtest, kontaktiere mich, ich habe keinerlei finanziellen Interessen, denn ohne meine Genehmigung ist dies nicht erlaubt. Auch kann es sein, wie z.B. ein Foto aus einem Zoo, Veranstaltung und/oder mit einer Person, daß ich die Genehmigung von dieser Stelle erst einholen muss.

Thank you fo visiting my page...
Andreas Fucke

I am from Geilenkirchen/NRW in Germany

My Camera and Lenses:

My Olympus E-30 has been sold!!

As of today I own a:

- Canon 6D


Canon EF 3,5-5,6/28-300 L IS USM
Canon EF 17-40mm f/4 L USM

Ich betone hier ausdrücklich, daß ich mich von allen Inhalten auf verlinkten Seiten distanziere.
(siehe auch: Urteil vom 12. Mai 1998 des Landgerichts Hamburg mit dem Aktenzeichen: 312 O 85/98)

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    BB-1013 (Amazing 2013) says:

    ""Hobby is such a Talented Person and A Great Photographer.His Photo's Are Amazing,Artistic.Such a Pleasure to Visit.It's A Pleasure to Have Hobby As My Contact.Thank You So Much For All Your Visits,Comments and InvitesYou Are A Special Person.Keep Up the Beautiful Work.Your Flickr Friend Boris""

    June 8th, 2009

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    Richard Elzey says:

    "I've been following HOBBY's stream of photos for awhile... AWESOME! He is a real inspiration and always has the best photos. I really try and can't come close to his. Thanks for sharing them with the rest of us out here in Flickr-land."

    May 8th, 2009

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    frank schacht / photojournal-worldwide-exklusiv says:

    "your pictures really reflect your passion and talent,how to put in scene.

    August 19th, 2008

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