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nice to visit my profile. My name is Frank Wouters and I live in Antwerp Belgium. I got a job , a house , two pets and loads of banana trees in the living room of our appartment. ;-) I love to see animals in the wild , but if that is not possible , I just visit the zoo once more. If I got the time I love to visit zoo's worldwide (I think I've visited about 100 now). Loads of pictures in my stream are from the Antwerp zoo. I do my walk there a couple of times a week.

fingersJe t'aime melancholie(caged)may tagu Andes condor

Most of my Antwerp zoo pictures are tagged : zooantwerpen

A selection can be found here : www.flickr.com/photos/frank-wouters/sets/7215759432625359...


I love traveling!

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