I am a herpetologist by training who then went on to do post-doctoral work in mitochondrial genomics all of which turned out to prepare me well for what I currently do. I now work with instructional and research technology at a large New England university. I miss my fieldwork, but I sooth my craving by taking pictures of animals and whatever else gets in my way. My screen name comes from a plant native to North America, alumroot, but is also what my tablet PC would translate my name to when I wrote it. I have since dropkicked it out the door, I wished Apple would make a tablet - and now this has come to pass.

I have started a blog about my photos at alumrootsphotos.blogspot.com/ if you are interested.

Oh, and if I give too much information about what kind of animal it is and what I believe to to be interesting life history notes, just give me a kick. It comes from too many years of teaching about animals. I can't help myself.

And, you will notice I license my photos for non-commercial use with a Creative Commons license (click the license button to find the terms). If you find any of my photos useful and your intended use is not for a commercial entity or purpose, you should feel to use them. There is no need to contact me if your use falls under that license, but I'd love to know, so feel free to contact me here. I changed by license terms to remove the share alike restriction, still I hope you will consider releasing your work under a creative commons license. If your use does not fall under this license, I am always willing to discuss other licensing terms. If you do use my photos under the terms of the CC license, please credit them by Alan Wolf or by alumroot. Recently people have begun to cite photos as "originally uploaded by", I find this unacceptable. I only upload photos that I have rights to upload and the few not taken by me (usually of me by my spouse) are noted.

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  • Waiting for lunch by CarlBSr
  • Flora answers a question from the back by CarlBSr
  • Alan and John at the presession workshop by CarlBSr
  • Caught Alan mid exposure! by CarlBSr

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