I am a retired teacher living in Bingley, West Yorkshire. I live with Dilly my gorgeous cat in a retirement apartment overlooking a park. My interests are bird watching, painting and embroidery. I read a lot and watch far too much TV. I am now addicted to looking at other people's photos on Flickr!


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    squeeks/Krista's Photography OFF very busy says:

    "Janet is a very lovely person!! I simply love love love her photos of Dilly she's a precious cat, and I love Janet's comments on pictures she's a funny person and I love it when she comments on pictures!! She's very busy with her time and for her to take the time to comment means alot to me!! She takes Superb photos of Dilly and other people and things!! I love her as a family contact and she's a Superb friend and a sweet heart of a person!! Love you lots Janet and always stay the same!!
    I forgot to add this and now I am!! Janet was the first person to comment on one of my pictures!! And I'll never forget it!! Thanks so very much Janet and Dilly for being such sensational friends and Flickr mates!!"

    February 24th, 2008

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    2-Dog-Farm says:

    "Janet is an innovative, imaginative, creative, stimulating, humorous, Flickr Friend. You go girl !
    Marin Sandholdt
    Montana, USA"

    January 28th, 2008

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    Mrs. Jilly Leitner (Sorry not around so much) says:

    "Hey I wanted to leave a testimonial too, but it definitely will not compare to others I have read...uh hem VF and Andrea. Ok well I'm not sure if Janet was one of the first people I met on flickr but she certainly is one of the people I enjoy the most. I love seeing the antics of her cat Dilly, who is absolutely gorgeous. She lives in such a beautiful area that her pictures cannot help but be amazing. She has a great eye for the camera and I just enjoy looking through her stream.

    She always says something to make me laugh and her contacts are some of the funniest people. Janet definitely knows how to laugh, and that's a great quality not many people have. I don't care how old she is, I can joke around with her anytime. I feel as if I already know so much about her life through her pictures and stories of each shot. She is not afraid to put herself out there and that's because she's so wonderful.

    One day I'm going to have to get out there to meet Janet and Dilly."

    September 27th, 2007

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    tabbynfatcat says:

    "She is one of my first contacts and kept me in her thoughts & prayers during a difficult time & the loss of my husband.She is always thoughtful, asking how I & my pets are doing,even if I don't answer right away. She is the most compassionate,caring soul who also shares our love for cats & all manner of animals that need kindly humans to speak for them. I am priviledged to call her a friend."

    September 7th, 2007

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    nhanhauzinha says:

    "She is one of my first contacts here and one of my best friends, she is always so sweet and kind, saying good words to encourage us!!
    Her pictures are wonderful, she has a great sense of beauty, I learned a lot with her!!
    Thank you Janet for been a great friend!!"

    June 28th, 2007

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    Velcroflamingo says:

    "Occasionally, as we travel through life, we meet someone with whom we develop an instinctive bond of friendship...where feelings matter and looks do not; where confidences shared are confidences kept; where enjoyment of one another is based not on what that person can do for you, but rather, what you can do for that person...to know someone like this is indeed a blessing...to find someone like this, a continent away, while looking for cute cats on a photo-sharing website is an incredible stroke of good fortune!

    This is exactly what happened to me, about seven months ago! I spotted a sweet-faced, intelligent-looking little cat named Dilly, while perusing my friend Mr. Ducke's favorite pictures...her owner seemed to love her very much, and I began to enjoy the variety of beautiful things that Janet 59 was sharing on her photostream. Somewhere along the way, we started to develop the bond of friendship that I described in the beginning of this testimonial. It is amazing, the fun we have together, thousands of miles apart!

    Thank you, Janet, for the glimpse into your beautiful world, for your caring spirit that you share so generously, and for the love you bring into our lives."

    June 11th, 2007

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    Tiffy-Lou says:

    "I am very happy to know Janet! She and Dilly are beautiful and kind. Her stream is such a healthy mix of objects and scenes that it can't help but produce a smile. She is very friendly and compassionate. One of my very first Flickr friends, and I am glad of it!"

    April 14th, 2007

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    villy21 says:

    "Janet was one of the first persons i met in Flickr since then, I considered myself lucky of meeting such a great person , so caring and sweet. Always with a nice remark, lovely comment and the right word in the right moment. She was so nice to me when my Gordy passed away without even knowing me much, she confort me and supported me in a moment I was deep down with pain and sorrow.
    Everyday I wait for her pictures to appear in my contact's. I like what she does, the painting, embroidery, bird watching and the love she shows in every description of her great captures. She seems to care about animals not only cats and that is something that i really value in a person.
    Janet is fun , she really amuses me with her stories and of course the unconditional life of that wonderful cat that rules her life : Dilly, who, by the way ,I love too.
    It is incredible how Flickr unites different people from far away places, from different languages and backgrounds.
    This is the first testimonial I write, so maybe it is not the best , but I just want to state that Janet is a bighearted person that i truly admired and that I thank her for letting me be her friend.

    Sincerely, Andrea."

    February 25th, 2007

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