Was a very, very obscure photographer working in his garage shooting stuff with a pellet rifle and photographing the results with a home built flash.

Then in early 2009, someone linked one of my pictures to a social networking site. My boss came by one day and told me my site was getting a huge number of views. Emails from magazines, newspapers and even Good Morning America started clogging my FlickrMail box.

It was very stressful.

After the dust settled down I now have a very nice view rate in the thousand or so per day.

And now I'm a slightly less obscure photographer.

After all, two point four billion Chinese and Indian nationals have never heard of me. That is a lot of obscurity :-)

The present traffic is much more manageable. It's fun to read comments and answer questions about the pictures.

I hope you liked what you saw.

Here are two links to information that I used to build my high speed flash.

The article from Scientific American

Microflash Manual

If you do decide to try and build a flash from this information, please be careful. The main storage capacitor is pure death.

A link to detailed plans for building a microsecond flash :


If you can't build one from this information, then I'm sorry.

If you have any questions about my work my email is saileralan(at)gmail.com.


Photos of alan_sailer (6)

  • Magic Ball with the Earth Hour by SVA1969
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  • Ball of Light Taking Energy from the Sea by SVA1969
  • Ball of Light on the Precipice by SVA1969
  • Ball of Light with Benicarló Harbor Lighthouse by SVA1969
  • ripple blazer and skirt by chic_xoxo
  • paint ball blazer and shorts 2 by chic_xoxo
  • hot creek dress front by chic_xoxo
  • yoghurt blazer and pants2 by chic_xoxo
  • ripple dress front by chic_xoxo

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Alan Sailer
June 2007
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