Servant to the house cats, enthralled by cycling. 30+ years spent in the laboratory, the last 11 in microbiology.
In idle moments, if they occur, my mind usually wanders to the prospects for the next ride(s).
In the last 40+ years I raced, toured and have been a "mileage collector". That entails setting some goals and recording the results: really, at this stage, it is a trick to keep an aging body on the road. I've averaged about 7000+ miles/year for the last 3 decades. The slowest year was 2012, which was also my highest mileage, 9130 (thus, the most time spent on the saddle).
I will sometimes block other Flickr members if 1) they have nothing available to be seen (esp. if favoriting my images or 2) make unnecessarily rude or critical comments or question me removing such comments.
I don't mind my images being used elsewhere as long as there is credit made and a link back to my Flickr page. A fair number of the images on my page are scans from other sources, and I always take pains to name the original source/photographer (where possible) and I want that information to remain with the image.
Please do not write to me requesting "projects", as in "I need this image at 1024 X 763" etc. I have no fancy scanners and no time to dig out something I scanned 2 yrs ago. My site is not a service, it is for my own pleasure...

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June 2007
Columbus, Ohio
Lithopolis, Ohio, United States
I am:
Medical Lab Technician (microbiology)