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Internet, social media-based News Sourcing and Reporting Challenge!

New Media Gufa is an experiential newslab. Five seasoned, net-savvy Nepali journalists will be kept in seclusion in a hotel at Thamel for 3 days (72 hrs) from everything but computers or hand-held devices with uninterrupted access to the Internet.

The mission behind the closed door on the internet: find out the actual value of new media and their content in the development of news stories on issues that matter to the everyday lives of ordinary citizens.

A team of three researchers will monitor, observe and record the event. The event inside the “Gufa” will be live-cast online. The experiences and findings along with the stories will be compiled and published later.

The event is organized by Media Foundation- Nepal, in association with Hotel Mandap, Kathmandu.

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NewMedia Gufa
September 2012