50, musician, playing prog rock with Haze (bass & keyboards), folk rock with Treebeard (12 string guitar & bouzouki) and ceilidhs with The Outlandish Knights. I also accompany folk singer Paul Pearson and play occasional solo shows. I used to play with Strongheart, but that doesn't happen so much now.
I don't take pictures, I have pictures taken of me! ;-) I've been going round favouriting pictures of me/my bands, so I can find them again! Hope that's cool? Get in touch if you've got pictures of us, or if you don't mind me putting your pictures of us up here.

OK, I've started taking pictures! More through necessity than desire - we needed images for the new Treebeard CD & with a very tight deadline I decide to do it myself!

I've now started putting up variouis old pictures of the bands. They're not taken by me (as I'm in them!), I've tried to credit photographers when I know who it is, but please let me know if you know better!


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Chris McMahon
May 2007
Sheffield, UK
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