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I had done film photography for years and moved to digital with an Olympus E-500. I then moved on to an Olympus E-3 and recently added a full-frame Nikon D700 to the mix (I no longer own the E-500).


My photography interests lean toward things with a strong graphical or design component, hence my interest in architectural and automobile photography.


Current Equipment:


- Olympus E-3

- Zuiko 14-54mm

- Zuiko 70-300mm


- Olympus OM-4

- Olympus OM-1

- Assorted Zuiko lenses


- Nikon D700

- Nikkor 28-80mm

- Nikkor 50mm 1.8

- Nikkor 16-35mm f/4


I live in Ann Arbor, MI


Please Note


Unless otherwise indicated, all images are copyrighted with all rights reserved. However, any image is available for use either as stock, or printed. If you wish to use an image of mine for any reason, please contact me for permission.


Select images available for sale at ImageKind, Red Bubble and Zazzle.


I've have a photo processing blog at imagenotebook.blogspot.com. I also have a new gallery blog which features some of my favorite images at images.jameshowephotography.com. Finally, I've created a personal web page at www.jameshowephotography.com. Please check them out!


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