About Me:

Hi, I am William Cho.

Thank you for viewing my album and for your kind comments.

I am a freelance graphic designer/photographer from Singapore.

I started in photography late. Used to think that it was a boring job, having to shoot family portraits, passport photos, etc. But I guess back then, those were the bread and butter jobs!

And so after secondary school I instead decided to become a graphic designer. This career took me to a few places, some of which included Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in the 1980s, New Caledonia, Mauritius, Re-union Island, Cebu in the Philippines, Bali in Indonesia, Phuket in Thailand, Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, Hualien in Taiwan, Kyoto & Kyushu in Japan, and much of Europe.

Over all these years, I've seen and experienced much. At the same time, my work in graphic design has also opened my eyes to the wider world of photography - of how the lens and film were able to capture amazing images of beauty and art. I dabbled a little in film photography, but as the equipment and processes were expensive, I stuck to my incumbent job.

It was only much later when my hair began greying and friends were retiring that I decided to take up the hobby again in a more serious manner. I was encouraged also by the advances made in digital photography. With digital technology one can never stop learning. There is always some new aspect to explore. My design and Photoshop skills could also help me turn out a fine photo. However, not everybody is that open to learning and I knew of many who were reluctant to pick up the new skills and were soon left behind.

I love to use digital because every shot can be replayed instantly. That gives you the confidence to explore without worrying about dire mistakes, film processing costs, etc. Being self-taught, I would seek out tips from photography magazines, friends, and the internet. Going digital has allowed me to share my images worldwide - thanks to Flickr. Through the Flickr network I have enjoyed activities and opportunities in many areas.

In a way, I have come full circle. When I was young, it was my dad who had this unwavering belief that I should be a photographer. I did not believe it then. I am glad I took a second look. Parents know best? Perhaps!

My Equipment:
I began digital photography with only a point-and-shoot Lumix FZ7 followed by a Nikon D80 and Fuji S5Pro. I currently own a Nikon D300. Dream camera? The D300 is sufficient for me. :-)

My Work:
To date, some of my works have been assigned or showcased in various locations like Marina Bay Sands, McDowell, Wikipedia, Singapore Tourism Board, Taiwan Tourism Board, Japan Travel Bureau, Benoy Architects (ION Orchard), Exquisite Magazine, Silver Kris (Singapore Airlines inflight magazine), Heritage Trails (Singapore Heritage Board), ACT 3 International, Space for God (Church of St Mary of the Angels), DPC Design, WHO CARES? (National Council of Social Service), Singapore Tourism" (Headway), "Singapore Explorer" (Infoguide Services), Equator Bulletin (cover, Belgrade Serbia), Tiger Beer (web portal) tigertranslate, Stockholm University (Sweden), Mikoishi.com, Convertium Pte Ltd (an online agency for Contact Singapore. Contact Singapore is a unit under Singapore's Economic Development Board), GrandeVie (tourism magazine, http:www.grandevie.eu), www.asianz.org.nz, www.art-magazin.de, Changi Class, Morning Star, Sparkle, ArtˆDasKunstmagazin, Changi Class Singapore, The ArtScience Museum, Louis Vuitton, Prestige magazine HK, C2 Design, Design Composite, etc

Best Wishes:
I sincerely wish all New and Pro members here at Flickr a wonderful time with their cameras. Cheers!

All rights are reserved worldwide. For pics marked with "Creative Commons" please note that they are free to use only for non-commercial gains or in-house display only. For commercial use please contact me at: williamcho88@gmail.com or Getty Images.

My Bank details:
Account name: CHO KOK BIN
Standard Chartered Bank Singapore
Bank code 7144
Branch code 012
Account number 1229970654
Swift code SCBLSGSG

Paypal Account: williamcho88@gmail.com

I'm a Getty Images Artist

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    Kenny Teo (zoompict) says:

    "William cho is one of Singapore's finest photographer I respect most.
    I enjoy his vast experience n great photography technic apply in photo processing n of course envy with his talent of making good reputation.
    His work did inspire me somehow from a start. And I hope he keep striving n motivate more photographer like me .
    He can be a good mentor if u date to ask for his advice with doubt in photography . I wish u best Mr William."

    January 28th, 2013

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    °MILU° says:

    come sempre il tuo stile è inconfondibile!!!
    Le tue foto ogni volta regalano magnifiche e grandiose emozioni.
    Architetture, strutture e sculture le cogli davvero in modo impeccabile!

    ;-) Donatella"

    September 8th, 2012

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    Ich Kann Fliegen says:

    "Your photography of Singapore is incredible!
    Keep up the astonishing work."

    February 17th, 2012

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    Sunriserjay Appr'ciates all str'mers,always NEW .! says:

    You're patience & determination puts you above the pedestal.!!

    Your WORKS has the word written all over it....says:

    "MAJESTIC shots & AWESOME framing" = You , the amazing and humble Photographer that can be seen as ONE in a Million.!!:-)


    November 23rd, 2011

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    derinsey says:

    "this is not my job, saying about photography and somebody, but i believe that earth is a big thotograph scene, and if somebody feels the power of the light and shadows, must take photo :) so you do it good and please go on"

    May 1st, 2011

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    Sim0n | Photography says:

    "A very good photographer. I just envy the lighting and the composition the landscapes he shots.

    Spend some time in his photostream, you won't be disappointed!

    Keep up the good work bro!"

    January 26th, 2010

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    historical night says:

    "Ever since the first day I saw his photographs to this day I am still in awe of how he captures amazing city photographs. One of a kind photographer."

    December 30th, 2009

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    { :: alive :: } يا رحيم says:

    "willianmcho was one of my very first filckr contacts, I'll never forget his kind comments on my photos although he was a very professional photographer, which later became an inspiration for me to improve my photography and became what I am today, I'm so grateful and glad to have you as one of my contacts and friends =)
    wish you all the best sir.."

    January 30th, 2009

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    www.munishkhanna.com 9871020341 says:

    "one of the good photographers who has shot great travel and macro photographs with very basic equipment. Perfect with colours and composition, it's a delight to go through his photographs. wishing all the best, Munish"

    October 15th, 2008

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    ossewa says:

    "Williamcho is one of the best photographers that I have come across on Flickr! He has a way with colours!"

    February 18th, 2008

William Cho
November 2006
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