mama x 5. wife (to OB/gyn...yikes!). photographer. midwife. homebirther. hospital birther. lactating. fashionista. suv driver. environmentalist. friend. confidante. coke zero addict. coffee obsessed. chauffer. chef. housekeeper. teacher. homeschooler. book reader. tabloid lover (shhhhh.....). coach bag collector. workout infomercial watcher. daily show observer. steven colbert worshiper. sometimes democrat. sometimes republican. sometimes moderate. sometimes just me. warm. friendly. computer addicted. super hero.


...former wonder woman underoo wearer and blankie sniffer...


and much MUCH more!


oh......, and I am desperately afraid of people who sing happy birthday to you in a restaurant...if you ever try to do this to me, i will hide under the table, cry, and NEVER ever be your friend...not necessarily in that order...


who are YOU? :)


**pervs, haters and dee de dee's need not apply


**this means......if you do not have a profile and pictures up for viewing I will block you if you try to add one of my photos as a favorite or add me as a contact....effective IMMEDiATELY**


shooting with:


Canon 5D

85 mm 1.8

50 mm 1.4

28-75 mm 2.8 (Tamron)


various rental lenses depending on mood (and availability!)


24 " iMAC (yay for generous hubby!)

Photoshop CS3

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  • JoinedMay 2007
  • OccupationSupermama of many, Photographer
  • HometownThe original Valley Girl (That's LA, people!)
  • CountryUSA
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[bridget] says:

what? I am the first testimonial!?? anya - your stuff is amazing. love to check out your stream and your website. good, good stuff. :) bridget

October 16, 2008