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Acoustic Market (deleted)

Daniel you so much fun, you really crack me up. But most of all I appreciate your kindness and your willingness to help out with all kinds of computer, software issues. You webcam site, is fantastic. Thanks for sharing your computer knowledge and helping us all to stay connected.

November 9, 2007
*PeeP* says:

Daniel is a wonderful person with a huge heart. He doesn't hesitate in helping anyone with his incredible computer knowledge, and enjoys sharing his beautiful panda photo's and info with fellow panda addicts :) He's a true friend.

November 5, 2007
Quiet Mask (deleted)

Daniel is a fun person with a wealth of computer knowledge. His patience, kindness and friendship is greatly appreciated! He has a knack for capturing those special 'moments' with the zoo animals.

August 31, 2007
Rachel says:

Daniel has become a great friend of mine. He has helped me out with many things. He is very generous with his time and his help! You are greatly appreciated my friend!

August 30, 2007
ddbfrog says:

Daniel has "skills"--besides the obvious, photography. His kindness, patience, and technical knowledge have helped so many here on flickr. He has the ability to talk to you in terms that can be understood by even non-technical folks, like me! Thanks, Daniel.

July 26, 2007