First of alll - a short list of what you'll find on my flickr pages...


Lots of classic cars...


in alphabetical order, from Alfa to Volvo,


pictures shot at Terlaemen Auto Club events


car shots taken at various oldtimer events



the colorful world of the Rushmore Gardens


shots I made here and there- even some old scans,


snapshots with my mobile -or mobile phoneys, as I like to call them.


the wonderful and much missed Billy Holiday

Spot the predator...


some really old digital stuff

( 20st century resolution ! )


and finally there's JazzyMetal...

it's metal,.... but it's kinda jazzy tóó...


Sometimes I think you can learn more about me by looking at my favorites ,

than by looking at my very own shots


It's the difference between what I did

and what I would have liked to do,

you see.


As a member of the Terlaemen Auto Club,

once the originator of all car racing at Zolder Circuit,

now a friendly gathering of car enthousiasts,

I have made another profile where I can post my shots club members.


Sometimes I do shoot people, you see ;-).


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