Me? Hm. I do still use a regular old camera. Mainly Pentax K1000. I do have another Pentax - manual, don't know its name (oops) and I'm too lazy to get off the chair to find out.


UPDATE January 2007: I can no longer say I don't have a digital camera. . . FotobyDave hooked me up with a sweet Canon EOS D10 and I got a pretty decent lens to go with it. So - I'll be taking more digital these days.


MORE UPDATE July 2012: Well, the EOS D10 is no more. So I upgraded to Canon EOS 7D sometime in 2011.


Thank you to my friend (or not) who got me addicted to this site. I'd been away from photography for a while and didn't realize how much I missed it. How much I liked looking at life from the point of view of the camera.


I'm a St. Louie girl - born & bred through and through.


If using one of my photos (since I believe they're all CC), all I request is if you let me know (you can leave a message or just a comment on the photo) and give me credit (and a link back if possible) on the site/article whatever it may be. Thanks.


Started adding many of the band photos I've been taking since 2014 to a Tumblr blog. Check it out!

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