I was born in the Buckinghamshire village of Holmer Green in 1942, and played as a child in the local Beech woods. I have been taking photographs since I was 12 years old.


The countryside and the trades and traditions of those that shaped it over centuries have always fascinated me and influenced my work.


I've spent a lifetime researching, recording and collecting anything about the rural past and today am a well-known artist craftsman, demonstrator, international lecturer and photo-journalist who writes regular articles for the woodworking press.


Visit my website www.stuartking.co.uk for articles about woodturning, rural crafts and local history, and for my photo galleries.

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  • JoinedMay 2007
  • OccupationWood artist, writer and lecturer
  • HometownHigh Wycombe
  • Current cityA village in the Chiltern Hills
  • CountryEngland
  • Emailstuart@stuartking.co.uk
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