my name is Chiara and i am soon turning 34.My big interests, apart from travelling, are flying,taking pictures, fine food and wines and dogs.. unfortunately i lost my dear dog last year. he was so sweet. Now Pookie is part of my life, but i'll always be missing Randy forever

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  • non fiori jpg by FuRLvio
  • TOSCANA JUNE 2011 002 by gimme_wings
  • TOSCANA JUNE 2011 002 (2) by gimme_wings
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    gmterreni says:

    "Di Chiara mi ha colpito la grande capacità di scelta e analisi dei dettagli, il suo accostare colori vivaci nei particolari ma spesso anche nei totali dei soggetti. Stupendi colori fauves, che se fossero quadri ricorderebbero le tele dei postmacchiaioli livornesi (Bartolena,Ulvi Liegi, Ghiglia)"

    August 22nd, 2008

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    CastiglioncelloQueen says:

    "sensibile,gentile,senza peli sulla lingua,emotiva...chiara riesce a trasmettere attraverso i suoi scatti i più diversi stati d'animo,sia quelli positivi che quelli cogliere ogni più piccolo dettaglio e riesce ad aggiungere alle sue creazioni qualcosa di se che viene dal più profondo.ti voglio bene sorellina mia!!!"

    June 15th, 2008

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    kirkbarbosa says:

    "thanks for accepting my invite! nice photos by the way!

    -kirk barbosa, from the philippines :)"

    May 20th, 2008

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    Edmond Valerio says:

    "Chiara is one of the creative and promising Photographer here in Flickr. What stands out in her work is his love of playing with colours! She can bring them out so vividly and beautifully in her pictures. I think Chiara has a special eye for details and colours and I'm proud to be able to view her works and know her in flickr! It's really been an honour! Looking forward to see more of her works!

    Just keep it up Chiara... You're doing great!!!""""

    March 1st, 2008

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    jmvnoos in Paris says:

    "Very quicky LivornoQueen became for me "my Queen" or Chiara.

    I was drawn, at first, by her colorful photographs. She touches many faces of life where color explodes: sunsets, tropical beaches, the sunny hills of Italy, reflections on a lake, a Chinese house, an Indian temple,...
    And I discovered that Chiara also has a strong formal sense which structures her pictures: look what she does with a simple balustrade and a black and white pavement, stunning!

    And her next shots are always a surprise. When we expect more of her beautiful sunset beaches we get incredible shots from New Zealand's mountains, or her morning coffee cup or some laughing Asian children portraited in black and white or the dish she had the night before in a trattoria.
    Never where you expect her, Chiara is a curious mind, has eyes that scan beauty wherever it is and an artistic approach that always charm s you.

    I also learned to appreciate and need her comments, sensitive and right on target, her Flickrmail where a modern, intelligent and active woman shares important aspects of her life, aspects that go far beyond photography.

    Yes, my Queen, I am your humble subject.
    Yes, Chiara, you can count me as a friend and an admirer.

    And I love it when you laugh with "hehehehe" in your messages or comments!"

    February 4th, 2008

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    -Wolverine- says:

    "Non c’è niente da fare..noi livornesi siamo veramente un passo avanti!
    Chiara ne è la prova vivente….
    Chiunque s’imbatta nel suo stream potrà respirare tutta quella livornesità, quella voglia di vivere, di divertirsi e di star bene che fa dei livornesi persone fuori dal comune!
    Ama viaggiare, il cibo e soprattutto gli animali…questo la rende un’anima nobile.
    Brava Chiara, continua a farci viaggiare con le tue foto, continua a portare la livornesità in giro per il Mondo!"

    January 21st, 2008

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    livornoalone says:

    "chiarina ci fa capire quanto sia stupendo girovagare per il mondo..conoscere altre culture...altri popoli....! però ricorda anche quanto sia bello e orgoglioso essere livornesi!
    livornoqueen..ti vogliamo bene!"

    October 1st, 2007

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    Stranju says:

    "La Regina dei Viaggi...
    Difficilmente in altri stream troverete reportage cosi vari e fatti a cosi tante latitudini
    Boia Deh"

    September 5th, 2007

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livorno, italy
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