For a secular position, Robert holds several State and National First Class Steam Engineer Licenses. He is Area Manager of Power and Utility Maintenance, including Powerhouse, HVAC, Air Compressors, Anhydrous Ammonia, at the largest thermal food manufacturing plant in the world, consisting of 742 acres, and over 65 acres under roof. To relax he plays the keyboard, writes computer programs, studies the bible, takes photographs, and spoils his grandchildren. Robert has photographed many portraits and weddings, won blue ribbons, all for the sheer enjoyment of it all. As part of a family joke, he also just happens to be the recent founder of the infamous TAF organization (Terrorists Against Flamingos) ever since his neighbor and son cut the heads off of his precious pink plastic flamingos.


Pam enjoys creating new recipes, crocheting, traveling, studying the bible, spoiling her grandchildren, going to the beach with family and friends for parties. Currently Pam is writing an autobiography to pass memoirs on down to her grandchildren. Pam loves taking photographs, especially sunrises by the ocean. Pam is the recent founder of the CAFCAF organization (Pronounced calf-calf) “Consolidated Amalgamated Flamingos Coalition After Freedom”, to protect flamingo rights. Thank you for visiting the Counselman Collection Collage.


The deeds of salvation that Jehovah performs in behalf of his people provide a foregleam of the greater deliverance by his Son, Jesus Christ, in the future. God’s greatest act of humility and love was that of sending his beloved firstborn Son to be born on earth and raised as a human for the salvation of mankind. May we always live our lives in accord with Jehovah, and his son Christ Jesus.

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Dangerous Trail (deleted)

The Counselmans are a wonderful couple, they love people and although we never met in person...I really like them. (Pssst - If we don't meet here, we will meet in the new system.)

June 8, 2008