“To travel hopefully is a better thing than to arrive” ― Robert Louis Stevenson.


Why Travel hopefully? I'm often asked. My day job is in the corporate world. Goals, targets and deadlines is just another day at the office. In the mountains I can be myself. There is fun in getting lost, enjoying the journey. It keeps me sane. Helps me to be more present. And reach further. Often without setting goals or targets.


I've always been a wanderer who enjoys journey more. In fourteen odd years of hiking and climbing I've often managed to go 'off the trail' exhausting all the batteries of my headlamp before reaching the camping place or the hut. This page is a journal of some of those experiences, written as and when I get time and in random order.


Photography for me is an excuse to be out there. It is also a way to document experience and simply have fun. Hope you enjoy the cacoethes scribendi.


Travel Hopefully Photography

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