Welcome to my little photo dump. It's not art. It's just my way of inconveniencing electrons.


I wish I could say that you'll find nothing but fascinating photos here, but that wouldn't be true. Honestly, I just love to take photos, with very little real concern for technique. Also, with a few exceptions, all of the photos are straight from the camera/scanner, the thought of manipulation rarely even occurs to me, even though I enjoy playing in GIMP.


Just to be straightforward from the beginning (I've had a couple of people refuse to associate with me once they have ascertained this): I am a strong atheist. I'm also a progressive. This doesn't really impact my photostream too much, but now you're aware of it if being seen with heathen liberals goes against the grain for you. :)


Oh, one other thing. Not really important, but it confuses a lot of people. It's a lowercase "Q", not a lowercase "G" -- on the off chance that anyone is interested, it is a communications operating signal that means: "I am approaching my point of no return"


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icy cabbage (deleted)

Although I understand and appreciate the time and effort some people put into getting the perfect photo, it's refreshing to find someone else who is simply obsessed with snapping away at life. ...and occasionally, in among the snapshots, are good photos too =)

March 26, 2009