First off! I’m a married heterosexual male who likes to transform myself into a woman. If this bothers you may want to stop right now and/or block me.

That said and you’re still here. Being a heterosexual male and married I’m not interested in having sex with anyone other than my wife. Enough said?

What's the big deal with some people with all the rules about making other peoples photos Favs, comments, and contacts? Who cares? I'm just glad people are looking. As far as my photos go. Make them Favorites, comment on them, don't comment, make me a contact, I don't care! The only way I block is if you leave a crude or sexual comment. I do love it though coming on line and getting Faved, comments, or Flickrmail! Just don't you feel obligated.

Why I have to dress like a woman is a question that I have asked myself everyday as long as I can remember. My answer now after years of research and soul searching is. God made me this way, so roll with it. I'm very aware that most in our society don,t really appreciate the transgendered lifestyle so we hide it. It is really unfortunate but I respect my family so I hide it to.

Melanie is a character I’ve created. I have no interest in becoming a female, I just like the illusion of being female. Like an actor (or Actress) I’m just playing a role.

My wife does Know about Melanie. She's not to pleased but she realizes that I'm not gonna stop. We kinda have a don't ask don't tell policy. Unless she needs to borrow pantyhose for work. Yes, she will borrow them. I kinda think of it like this... How would I feel if she walked around our house with a fake beard, chew, beer in hand farting. Get the picture? She don't ask, I don't tell.

A HUGE (I MEAN HUGE) thanks to Amy at Glamour Boutique 2 in Las Vegas. She's the one who did my first transformations and my first pictures (check them out, they are the first pictures I posted). Her website is If you're ever in Vegas and have any interest in the female illusion go there.
I know I was nervous as hell also, knees shaking and all. It's in a good area of town. As soon as i walked in my anxiety was gone. Changed my life. Before going I was a dude in a dress. Thanks again Amy.

Getting out! (Every girls dream.) I'd love to go out and be Melanie in public. BUT. Honestly, I'm extremely scared of seeing people I know, personal safety, just feeling awkward.

Thanks to everyone who I've contacted on Flickr for all you help and advice.

Thanks for taking the time! Now get back to looking at my pictures!

Leggs Sheer Energy Fetish!!! (Does a girl need any other brand?)Heavy Make-Up Freak. (The natural look is boring.)Bondage (Everybody has a little kink.)

WARNING: Any institutions using this site or any of its associated sites for studies or projects - You could have my permission to use any of my profile or pictures in any form or forum both current and future. But, you should really ask first, because it'd be rude not to. If you don't, it will be considered a serious violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal ramifications. Although, I can't understand why you'd want to use my photos in a study or a project in the first place. What could you possibly learn? Seriously

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