I like conceptual abstract photos or photos of interesting religious or spiritual objects, like great old cathedrals. I also like pictures with a "mathematical feel".. Flickr, I think, is a fun way to learn about the beauty of other parts of the world and about photography. I hope Yahoo stays an independent company, and remains a strong supporter of open source software.


All photos are licensed under the Creative Commons

Attribution Share Alike Attribution-ShareAlike License. The one dumpr image (protest against the MS offer for Y!) is "all rights reserved".



* Nikon D300

* Nikon P5100

* Nikon F4 (35mm film)

* Nikon D50 (now my wife's)

* Contax G1 (35mm film)

* Mamiya 645 1000s (medium format film)



Sigma 28-90mm, af, f/3.5-5.6

Nikkor 70-300mm telephoto with VR, af, f/4.5-5.6

Sigma 10-20mm wideangle, af, f/4-5.6

Nikkor 60mm micro, af, f/2.8

Sigma 24-70mm macro, af. f/2.8 (default)

Lots of mamiya lenses


Flickr DNA.

I also have a site at ipernity.

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