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Photographer. Auto-didact. Angeleno.


I’m a self-taught photographer with a great love for representational photography, photojournalism and documentary photography. I take inspiration from photographers such as James Nachtwey, Steve McCurry, Gordon Parks, Dorothea Lange, Sebastião Salgado, Ed Ou, Walker Evans and a host of others.


I use photography as a tool exploration and a means of getting to know my fellow humans who, I confess, confuse me terribly sometimes. I enjoy telling stories and being a conduit for the stories of others.


My work has appeared in the the National Geographic Daily Dozen, The Atlantic, LA Weekly, Lys Foto Magazine, Discover LA (the Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board’s website), FYI Magazine, the LAist, the App Whisperer, LifeInLoFi and Mobiography. I’ve also had my work featured in the Bye-Bye Exhibition at C/O gallery in Berlin and the JOINT Exhibition at La Tentacion in Tijuana.


I’m a member of the mobile photo community GRRYO (formerly WeAreJuxt) and spent a year curating our 1000 Words Flickr showcase.


You can also find me at these various places:


R Vaarsi Photography













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