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I'm a proud Iraqi Vet. If you are against ALL wars, I can respect that.

If you are anti-war because you are anti-Bush, the send me a flickr-mail, I could use a good laugh.

I'm not too religious, but believe in God. Thanks to God, I have a good life and a beautiful family.

DAVE WARD has blocked me! ha ha.... Who gives a shit! DAVE WARD is smarter than everybody. it must be really hard to be DAVE WARD and just go around outsmarting people all day......

if you want to have fun with a liberal, leave a nice comment on his site:

I have been blocked by 3arabawy - صَحـَـفي مِصـْـري / Hossam el-Hamalawy. He posted many graphic, violent images against Americans, Jews, and US Troops. Most of these images were made by Carlos Latuf. He is a Communist agitator from Brazil. What ever hell they wish on their enemies, may they receive double when their time comes.

If you need an example of the filth these people are spreading, look at this:

Below you will see some nice people I have met on flickr. We don't always agree, but we can always be agreeable..... leave some nice comments for them.

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