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Why the name?
Elvis had already been taken many times over, as has my given name (Paul Ewbank). One doppleganger (dopplenamer?) had too lengthy a criminal record for Human Resources types, at one time. The moniker was easy to remember and, at the time I joined Flickr, unique in Google searches.

What is here?
I am a photography hobbyist, vainly hoping to have the time needed to improve framing, composition, exposure, printing... When I don't have time to make new images I upload public domain work for others to share (Use Flickr as an archive).

Why the (animated stereo) GIFs?
This presentation makes parallax, and thus an illusion of stereo, visible to people with one eye. Close one eye and try it.

Favorite toys
Currently, the cameras getting most use are:
Olympus XZ-1 (small, fast lens, cheap)
Olympus sp550UZ (great zoom in a small size)
Fuji X-S1 (great zoom lens with better than XZ-1 image quality)
Nikon FM2 (Manual never goes out of style)
Voigtlander Bessa-II folder (Big pictures in a smallish camera)
Stereo Realist (half-frame stereo images but built like a tank)

Noncommercial software I use happily includes
Stereophotomaker (for stereo/3D images)
Picturenaut (for HDR)
Irfanview (photo editing)

Commercial software I use happily includes
Noiseware pro
PictureWindow Pro (photo editing)
Adobe Lightroom (rescue poorly exposed images)
Olympus Viewer 3 (distortion correction)
DXO filmpack 3 (Thank you DXO for a gratis version)

Licensing (because some have asked)

A lot of material in my stream is creative commons or public domain. You are encouraged to use it, propagate it, and keep it alive. The photos I have created are shared under a Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International license. If you find a license needs updating (from an earlier version) before you can use it, let me know. If you use an image and want to be especially wonderful please give me a shout-out and/or reference the source page.

But note:

Some images are not my creation. Check the details underneath for the source then check their restrictions on use. My "fair use" of the images may not match your intended use, so you must be the judge.

Images with all rights reserved I am happy to be blogged, so don't hesitate to ask. Very few images are offered with all rights reserved in attempt to control the way they propagate. This is an experiment unrelated to remuneration.

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April 2007