hobbyist.. still learning..


All photos that I took are © neirien lind g. marcelo.


Photos taken by my family, friends, and other people that I have posted on my flickr stream and/or my other sites are copyrighted by the photos' respective photographers and photo owners.


Put a credit or link back to my flickr photo page if you want to post my photos online (blogs, myspace, multipy, etc.).


Email me at rein.centeno@gmail.com if you have any questions / inquiries!


Thanks everyone for viewing my stream!! : )


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Photos of Neirien Lind G. Marcelo- Centeno


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finicky year (deleted)

You have some great photos in your Flickr account, thanks for sharing them with us. kuno

January 6, 2008

Always extraordinary distribution of lights and shadows, excellent and professional.

May 31, 2007

Very TALENTED... UNIQUE... ONE OF A KIND... and she's a friend of mine =)

May 27, 2007
Last Wrench (deleted)

Your photos are very humanlike. I enjoy going through your stream. You capture many master pieces. Keep up for your nude pics. Just let me know if you need help with lighting =)

May 25, 2007
Tim Freh says:

Neirien lind marcelo makes great pictures, just look to them, and you will see why! Neirien lind marcelo maakt super foto's, als je ze bekijkt weet je waarom!

December 7, 2006
Level Pipe (deleted)

Rein has a passion for photography and you can see it by the way she handles lighting and colours. But her passion for people is what I like the most. She's always surrounded by her friends and portraits great moments with them. As people say in thailand language: so pa pula tlango. ;-)

November 21, 2006

Rein is so cool!!! I love her photos and the way she looks at the world is great! Rein's photos are super!!! I love her art pieces!!! :) Way to go Rein!!!!!!

November 3, 2006
Ms Kat says:

Rein sure knows how to have fun, and luckily for us has lots of photos of the hijinks and hilarity that goes on, amongst other great photos of course.

September 25, 2006