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i am an owned slave. i've been married to my Master for almost 7 years but i've been collared since the day i came to Him almost 9 years ago.

We live a TPE/APE, Master/slave life 24/7. It's not a game for us it's our life. Some people might look at us and think that we're off our rocker, we'd like to think that we dance to the beat of the different drummer, only we're the only ones that can hear the beat.

If you come to our home at any given time, you'll find me in a skirt, stockings, a proper foundation garment (girdle) and at least 3 inch heels. i dress as a lady should dress and that doesn't vary throughout the day. i wear these clothes to garden (i might wear a slightly lower heel), i wear these clothes to clean, to shop, for laundry or anything else you might imagine a lady doing. There just isn't a situation where a lady shouldn't be in a skirt and heels! Except of course, when her Master wants her stripped naked, cuffed and hung up to beat!

**Always a lady in the living room, a slut in the bedroom** Right girls? =)

We love the life that we've created for ourselves and it seems like every day it gets better and better.

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Gaspar's treasure
April 2007
Fruitland, Iowa, USA
I am:
Female and Taken
i am a slave to my Master / homemaker
Master Dream's precious treasure