Born in 1970 in the middle of nowhere, Germany.

try to use. And by that I try to develop a recognisable "style"....the "Pappan-Style". Sometimes it works :-D

Some more words abot me...

Started with 11 (26 years ago, wow!) with a small compact "thing". My first SLR I´ve got with 14. I tried to take pics like Cousteau and Sielmann. As you can see....they are not :-D
But I tried hard to improve in the section of wildlife & nature photography. In High School I had a teacher in arts which opened my eyes to "see" pictures not only to "consume" it. I started something like "Applied MacGyverism" to get every pic I could get. More or less without success...but it led me to another way of using my cam.
During my studies and my PhD in biology I came back to nature & wildlife photography. But my other passion, dancing, offered my some new aspects. Dancing for 15 years latin and standard I met lots of beautiful and sexy moving ladies.
In my head I recorded all that pics. Later on I took my cam and went out for body art.

At least I would define myself as a generalist...not being specialised to a certain section of pics.
There are some picture to be taken. Why limiting?

Credits :

Featured Artist @, April 2007
Guest Gallery @, June 2007
Exhibit "Erotic art" @ September 2007
Cover & Exhibition @, September 2007
E-Vernisage @, September 2007

Guest Gallery @

2010 Bond Magazine

Publications :

"My nude" View Book of Stern Community, September 2007

2009 Galileo-Verlag "Die Fotoschule in Bildern - Porträt"
2010 Galileo-Verlag "Die Fotoschule in Bildern - Akt"

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    Mephistopheles71 says:

    "Everytime I return to Miguel's stream, I'm left with a deep presence of beauty, from all his pictures. I don't know what else to say except that he is an artist, and holder of a great mind and talent.

    Thank you for the inspiration and your art!
    Best of wishes

    You are a master!"

    January 13th, 2008

December 2006
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